Martin Ruby is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, singer and lyricist known for the raw emotion and simplicity of his music. Ruby's songs are typically about "other people" as he puts it - their innermost fears, wishes, apologies and confessions. Stripping down the character and the music to their naked forms is what defines Ruby's process, and his music.


Recent projects include soundtrack work for Whale, and the upcoming independent series Blackbetty.


 MR plays:



Gretsch Nashville 6120, Gretsch Rancher Jumbo, Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop '57



Regal RC-2 Duolian, Braxtone 3 string Cigar Box Guitar


Harmonicas :

Bushman Delta Frost, Seydel 1847 Classic, Hohner Comet, Suzuki Firebreath